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The museums of Munich

LatLon-Europe presents all the museums of Munich. Let yourself be amazed by the quality of its very varied and fascinating museums. Even if we try to keep all information up to date, changes are always possible.

Our partner Valérie Kieffer in Munich for the guided tours in English can offer you a tour program including one or more museums.

Old Pinacotheca New Pinacotheca Pinacotheca of the Modern Lenbachhaus Brandhorst Museum House of Arts Bavarian National Museum German Museum Glyptothek Egyptian Art Museum Munich's other museums by theme Castles in Munich and Bavaria

Old Pinacotheca

Old Pinacotheca munich

With more than 700 paintings from the 14th to the 18th century, the Old Munich Pinacotheca belongs to the most important collections of its kind in the world. In addition to the masterpieces in the permanent collection, the Pinakothek also exhibits masterpieces at various locations in Munich and Bavaria, including many churches, allowing the paintings to be admired in the places for which they were created. A museum that is a must to visit and with enough time.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm - Tuesday/ Wednesday 8:30pm
Ticket prices:
• 7 € - Free up to 18 years old or students - Audio-guide 5 €
• Day ticket for the three museums at 12 €
• 1 € on Sunday - Special prices for temporary exhibitions
Find here the information for the Munich Card and City pass
• Barer Str. 40, 80799 Munich -

New Pinacotheca

New Pinacotheca Collection Schack Munich

The New Pinacotheca offers a global vision of the different periods of European Art, from Classicism to Art Nouveau. After the destruction of the original building during the Second World War and a temporary presentation in the House of Arts, a new museum designed by the architect Alexander von Branca opened its doors in 1981. Through the permanent development of the collection, the New Pinakothek has become one of the most important museums in the world for the arts of the 19th century.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• The New Pinacotheca is closed until 2025 due to extensive renovation measures for the public. A selection of 19th century art masterpieces will be on display from summer 2019 on the ground floor of the Old Pinacotheca (east wing) and in the Schack Collection.
• SCHAK : Prinzregentenstraße 9, 80538 München

Pinacotheca of the Modern

Pinacotheca Modern munich

The term "pinacoteca" is not accurate because this museum does not only show paintings but it was preserved to create a continuity with the other two dating from the 19th century. The museum was completed in 2002 and presents, in addition to the "classics" of the 20th century and the contemporaries, a remarkable exhibition devoted to design, another to graphic art, and finally to architecture. Numerous temporary exhibitions of modern art are also held there.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Du Tuesday au Sunday 10am-6pm - Tuesday/ Wednesday 20h
Ticket prices:
• 10 € - Free up to 18 years old or students - Audio-guide 5 €
• Day ticket for the three museums at 12 €
• 1 € on Sunday - Special prices for temporary exhibitions
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• Barer Str. 40, 80799 Munich


Lenbachhaus munich

Without a doubt the must-see museum in Munich. In this former studio villa of the painter Franz von Lenbach, recently extended by Norman Forster's architectural firm, the Blue Rider (blaue Reiter) is represented like nowhere else: with Kandinsky, Jawlensky, Marc, Make and also Klee, the transition from expressionism to abstract art is masterfully depicted. The 19th century is also present with German painters often unknown in France, one part is reserved for Beuys, another for temporary exhibitions and the historical rooms designed by Lenbach are very well preserved.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-8pm
Ticket prices:
• 12 € - 6 € (Reduced Tariff)
• Audio-guide including (Ger. / English)
• Luisenstraße 33, 80333 München

Brandhorst Museum

Museum Brandhorst munich

This municipal museum, which opened in 2009, was built for the works of the world's largest private collection of pop art, that of the Brandhorst couple. The architecture of the building is in perfect harmony with the works on display and has a unique timelessness and simplicity.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm - Thursday 8pm
Ticket prices:
• 7 € - 5 € (Reduced Tariff) - Sunday 1 €
• Theresienstraße 35a, 80333 München

The House of Arts

Haus der Kunst

Inaugurated in 1937 by Adolf Hitler, the building has the heaviness and ugliness typical of the architecture of totalitarian regimes. The Nazi regime exhibited official art there. After the war, it was decided to devote it to temporary (high-quality) contemporary art exhibitions as a revenge for history. The only permanent part of the museum is its archives.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Daily 10am-8pm - Thursday 10pm
Ticket prices:
• 14 € - 10 € (Reduced Tariff)
• Prinzregentenstraße 1, 80538 München

Bavarian National Museum

Bavarian National Museum

This museum exhibits everything that concerns the art of Southern Germany over 11 centuries: costumes, musical instruments, furniture, painting, sculpture (including a magnificent collection of the master Riemenschneider from Würzburg). In addition, 1600 Christmas cribs, the most important collection of this order, are displayed in the basement.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm - Thursday 8pm
Ticket prices:
• 12 € / 8 € - Sunday 1 € (Audio-guide 2 €)
• Prinzregentenstraße 3, 80538 München

The German Museum

German Museum munich

The term "German museum" has no nationalist connotation, but was so called because although it originated in Munich, it was an imperial museum. It is dedicated to the techniques from the origins to the present day. Built on an island in the river Isar, space is limited and the visit of the main building can be completed by its annexes, one dedicated to mobility in all its forms, the other to the conquest of the air.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Daily 9am-5pm
Ticket prices:
• 14 € - 4,50 € (6-17 years old) - 29 € (Family)
• Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München -


Glyptothek museum munich

Louis I wanted a large district dedicated to culture. He succeeded well, with this museum of ancient art and then the famous pinacotheques. The exhibited works are of high quality and cover all antiquity, classical Greek art is remarkably presented. Opened to the public in the first part of the 19th century, it was very innovative in terms of museology, very effective.

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm - Wednesday 8pm
Ticket prices:
• 12 € / 8 € (2 museums) - Sunday 1 € (one museum)
• Königsplatz 3, 80333 München

Egyptian Art Museum

Egyptian Art Museum munich

No mummies in this museum, which as its name indicates, is devoted solely to the art of Egypt, over 5000 years of history. Here again, the presentation of the works is masterful and the building inaugurated in 2013 is reminiscent of Egyptian architecture. The museum is in the museum district, opposite the Ancient Pinacotheca

Munich Guide

Opening hours:
• Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm - Tuesday 8pm
Ticket prices:
• 7 € / 5 € - Sunday 1 € (Audio-guide 1 €)
• Gabelsbergerstraße 35, 80333 München

The city guided tours of Munich in English with your guide Valérie Kieffer

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Thematic or tailor-made guided tours with your private guide

A guided tour is the best way to understand and appreciate a city like Munich with its long and fascinating history as well as its historical monuments.

Have you ever tried a private guided tour? Even if you pay a little more than a group visit on a fixed date, the great advantages are that you can visit at your own pace, according to your interests and, above all, you save time with all the good advice your guide will give you during the guided tour.

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Other Museums in Munich: History & Memory

Here is a list of all the other museums in Munich for all interests and ages. We wish you a nice cultural stay in Munich. Visit the museum's website for special rates and times for public holidays. Despite regular checks, changes are always possible.

Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism

Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1, 80333 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-7pm

Jewish Museum

St.-Jakobs-Platz 16, 80331 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

The White Rose memorial exhibition

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München
Monday-Fri. 10am-5pm - Sat. 11:30am-4:30pm

Munich City Museum

St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Archaeological Museum

Lerchenfeldstraße 2, 80538 München
Reopening in 2023

Paleontological Museum

Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, 80333 München
Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm - Friday 8am-2pm

The Munich Residence

When staying in Munich, allow enough time for a visit to Germany's largest city-centre castle! Residence of the dukes, elector princes and kings of Bavaria of the Wittelsbach dynasty until 1918. 10 inner courtyards and an architectural ensemble mixing Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classical styles. Castle, museums and concerts in one place.

Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München
Find timetables and fares here:

Other museums in Munich: Art & Design

Museum of Urban & Contemporary Art

Hotterstraße 12, 80331 München
Wed.-Saturday 10am-8pm - Sunday 10am-6pm

Design Museum

Barer Str. 40, 80333 München
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm Thursday 8pm

Villa Stuck

Prinzregentenstraße 60, 81675 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-6pm


Lothringer Str. 13, 81667 München
Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-7pm

Kunsthalle Munich

Theatinerstraße 8, 80333 München
Every day: 10am-8pm

Museum of the 5 continents

Maximilianstraße 42, 80538 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 9:30am-5:30pm

Other museums : Different cultural fields

Toy Museum

Marienplatz 15, 80331 München
Daily 10am-5:30pm

Film Museum

Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Man and Nature Museum

Schloß Nymphenburg, 80638 München
Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 9-17h
Thursday 9-20h Weekend 10am-6pm

Museum of Beer and its Festival

Sterneckerstraße 2, 80331 München
Tuesday-Saturday: 1-6pm

Alpine Museum

Praterinsel 5, 80538 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Children's Museum

Arnulfstraße 3, 80335 München
Thursday-Friday 2-5pm Weekend 10am-5pm
Vacances : Tuesday-Sunday 10-17h

Geological Museum Munich

Luisenstraße 37, 80333 München
Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm Friday 8am-2pm

Kingdom of Crystal Museum

Theresienstraße 41, 80333 München
Tuesday-Sunday: 1-5pm

But also...

• The Stadium and Museum of BBMW Welt and its Automobile Museumayern München
• BMW Welt et son musée de l'Automobile

More ideas on our page Culture & Agenda : Here

Castles in Munich and Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle bavière

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwansteinstr. 20, 87645 Schwangau
Schedules and online tickets (English)

Bavarian Castle Administration

On a trip to Munich, you will certainly enjoy the splendid landscapes and castles of Bavaria. On this site you will find practical information for visiting the castles:

The essentials:

Herrenchiemsee Castle
Residence of Würzburg
Königshaus am Schachen
Imperial Nuremberg Castle
Visit LatLon-Rothenburg

Guided tours in Bavaria

Please contact Valérie Kieffer if you would like a programme of day visits to a castle.
Information here.
Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Castle

Linderhof 12, 82488 Ettal
Daily - Varying schedules