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LatLon-Europe is pleased to welcome you to the new tourist information portal dedicated to the city of Cologne, one of the most visited cities in Germany and not without reason: By the wide choice of museums with collections of international importance but also for the festive atmosphere of Cologne, especially during the carnival period and let us not forget the fascinating Roman history of Cologne. With a "Personalised Guided Tour of Cologne" it is even better whether you are in Cologne with your family or in a group!

The objective of LatLon-Cologne is to get to the essentials so that you can prepare your vacation in Cologne more easily:

we present you the most important "Cologne monuments" as well as the "Cologne museums". For Culture we have the page "Culture & Agenda 2024" with the most important events. There is also the "Culture & Tips" page, where you can find the best tourist attractions in Cologne sorted by theme. You will also find a selection of the Cologne "hotels" and "restaurants" recommended by us and we will give you "practical information" on how to organize your stay in Cologne. And of course the city tours in Cologne offered by Tour-Agentur.

City walking tour in English with Tour-Agentur

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Do you like to see Cologne, the Cathedral and the museums? Do you prefer to taste in the many breweries the differences between the typical Cologne beer sorts? We have got over twenty sorts of the "Kölsch" as the local beer is called. We tell you all about the tradtion of brewing and afterwards you know the difference between a "Köbes" and a "Zappes". And you will know the Cologne menu, so that you don't order a "Halve Hahn" wishing half a chicken.

Ilona PRIEBE and Tour-Agentur offer you personalized and private guided tours of Cologne as well as thematic guided tours that can be adapted according to your wishes.

Visit the "Guided Tours Cologne" page to find all the city tours

Underworld Walking Tour of Cologne

There are two options for this visit with 2 or 4 sites

tour roman cologne

Under today’s Cologne street level, the debris of 2000 years of urban culture is hidden. After World War II, before the reconstruction process set in, archaeologists revealed the remains of many impressive features. Some of them we will present to you during a walking tour in the Cologne underworld.

The centre of the Cologne underworld is the Praetorium, the palace of the Governors of the Roman emperors. During four centuries, four palaces followed one another, the foundation walls of which still can be seen. From this spot, governors represented the power of the Roman Emperors – and enjoyed Roman luxury. It is quite an experience to descend to a preserved piece of Roman sewer system and find out that the construction technique still is astonishingly up to date.

Detailed description of the guided tour here - Tour-Agentur also organizes city tours adapted for travel agencies or school groups.

Cologne Highlights in Short in one hour

A brief guided tour that can be completed with an additional hour

Tour city Cologne

This walking tour takes you back to the origins of the city and shows you a bit of Roman feeling for luxury. Of course you will find out why the people of Cologne wanted to build the world’s highest church in the Middle Ages, but then stopped the construction process after 300 years. Furthermore, we will tell you how the Cathedral nevertheless was completed centuries later. Then you will get an impression of the bustling life in the narrow streets and passages of the old town.

If you have time for a more complete visit, and Cologne deserves it, then we recommend the visit N°2 "Cologne from A to Z" which can also be completed by an interior visit.

To book your guided tours of Cologne

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Calendar of Cultural 2024 for Cologne

The Cultural Agenda 2024 section is there to help you better prepare your next stay with the list of the main events in Cologne. You will also find tourist sites of interest for culture and relaxation

Carnival cologne

Highlight 2024 : The Cologne Carnival

The Cologne Carnival is one of the best known in Europe and a real institution deeply rooted in the lives of the inhabitants of Cologne since 1341 (first mention of the carnival). The beginning of the carnival period is always on 11 November at 11 am, because the eleven is the number of madmen.

Date: November 11 + February 16/28, 2023
Information :

Art Cologne

Date: November 16-19, 2023

Summer Festival at the Philharmonic

Date: From 28 June to 23 July 2023

Festival of Lights Kölner Lichter

Date: July 20, 2024

Find here the cultural calendar for Cologne

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Culture and places to visit in Cologne

With the objective of supporting you in the preparation of your trip, you will find the places to visit and culture in Cologne. As well as the cultural agenda 2024 for Cologne to enhance your stay with an event from the Cologne life.

Music and theatre in Cologne

MUSICAL DOME cologne Le Musical Dome de Cologne est The Musical Dome in Cologne is the address for lovers of Musical Comedy, the most famous of which have been performed since its creation in 1996. Some Musicals are in German, others in English.

Arts in Cologne

Street art Cologne Besides contemporary art with its many galleries and the international fair "Art Cologne", you will find in Cologne many works by artists of the Street Art movement in all its forms.

Zoological Garden of Cologne

Cologne Zoo elephant Besides the two zoos in Berlin, the Cologne Zoological Garden is one of the most visited in Germany with 1.2 million visitors per year. Founded in 1860, it is particularly appreciated for its modernity and its interactive presentation.

Cruises on the Rhine

Kölntourist boat tour cruises Cologne During your stay in Cologne, a boat trip on the Rhine is a must and we recommend the river company Köln Tourist which offers many cruises from one hour to a full day at weekends including Bonn and the Drachenfels.

Entertainment park ODYSSEUM

Entertainment park ODYSSEUM cologne Are you looking for an activity for your children in Cologne? The Odysseum Entertainment Park in Cologne is unique in Germany! Several thematic worlds await you, taking you into a primitive jungle or into the vastness of space.

Spa and sauna in Cologne

Cologne Spa sauna Thermal Claudius After a few days of walking through the alleys of Cologne and nights living the carnival spirit of its inhabitants, you will certainly want to spend a few hours relaxing. Claudius thermal baths are the largest and by far the best.

Our recommendations for hotels in Cologne

Hyatt Regency Cologne

Cologne offers a wide choice of hotels and guesthouses in all categories for all your expectations. LatLon-Europe presents you with a selection of the best hotels that we can particularly advise you on and for which you can also give us your opinion by e-mail

We recommend the HRS hotel booking portal to find an available hotel at the best price. Quick and easy to use.

Hyatt Regency Cologne

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